The Single Serve concept came about while Georgia Beattie was at a Melbourne festival in 2009 and witnessed the limitations of wine packaging when a bar manager couldn’t serve wine because ‘it was too hard at outdoor events’. Since then, Georgia has launched the brand Lupé Wines which was named BRW’s ‘Top 10 Start-Ups To Watch 2012′ as well as the contract packaging arm of the company Single Serve Packaging Pty Ltd.

The Beattie Family are a mix of wine lovers and wine makers with a passion for the outdoors hence the direction of the Family Business. Georgia’s Father Brendon Beattie is a wine maker, importer of Rousseau French Oak Barrels and owner of Swords Wines a collection boutique wine stores. Georgia is a wine enthusiast with a passion for business after studying Entrepreneurship in both Melbourne, Australia and Boston, USA. Georgia’s Brother Thomas Beattie, also a wine enthusiast takes care of domestic sales and marketing. It wasn’t until the Beattie’s launched their house brand Lupé as a trial in Japan, Korea and Singapore that she realised the potential this package had for the Australian Wine Industry in the Asian export market.

The Single Serve

A simple, practical, innovation that works.



Australia has a history of leading innovations within the wine industry. It was Thomas Angove from Angove’s Wines who created the cask wine box innovation in 1970 which is now an internationally used form of wine packaging. Beer and spirits have managed to create convenient packaging, we’re here to continue this tradition and set Australia apart from the rest. The single serve gives wine lovers a simple yet classy way to enjoy their favourite wines in a way that suits their life style.


What Does The Single Serve Mean To Your Business?


  1. Take your brand into the crowd and have that extra step of dialogue where it really counts.
  2. Give wine lovers something new to embrace on the retail shelf.
  3. Expand your export market.


What Does The Single Serve Mean To Your Customers?






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The Single Serve is made up of three important elements that have been specifically made for Single Serve Packaging Pty Ltd. Our patented technology allows us to fill wine in both 187ml and 150ml volumes and have a 12 month shelf life.

The Beattie Family operate a state-of-art purpose built packaging facility that specialises in filling wine into a high grade 100% recyclable PET plastic wine glass. The glasses are shatterproof, food grade, 100% virgin PET plastic glass which is injection moulded on premise.

The state of the art Patented technology has been 7 years in the making and recently introduced in Europe where the concept has gain significant growth within Marks & Spencer, Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s.

The Single Serve Packaging facility adhere’s to the highest of world Quality Assurance Standards – including ISO9001, HACCP, International Food Standard (IFS) and British Retail Consortium Stndard (BRC). We combine these high standards with Lean Manufacturing principles and a high-efficiency filling line including the integration of robotic systems into the process.


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